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Show your wild side with Animal Face Photo Editor – a funny face changer and photo montage maker ...

Show your wild side with Animal Face Photo Editor – a funny face changer and photo montage maker with cool animal stickers! Turn yourself into a wild beast in a second – use these animal camera stickers and adjust them to your pics to make the best photo manipulation ever. Choose any of the animal faces from this face swap application and put it on your face to have a great photo fun. Don't hesitate, get it right now and enjoy photo prank!

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Cool Animal Face Photo Editor app features:

✻ Create a montage with realistic photo stickers!

✻ Beautiful stickers of animal faces for your pics!

✻ Add monkey, tiger, cat, dog faces and many more!

✻ Take pics with your candy camera and add photo effects!

✻ Apply animal face to photo by rotating, resizing and moving them!

✻ Easy to use free photo editing software!

✻ Personalize your pics and put text on pictures!

✻ Share your photo montage on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc!

Make the best photo pranks ever! With this free photo editing app you can show your creativity and have a great time with your friends. Make a face swap in a second and enjoy the amazing face changing effects that this free app offers. This animal face photo booth provides you with tons of cool stickers for photos that you're gonna love for sure. So don't wait for too long, grab this fantastic opportunity to have the best Animal Face Photo Editor, pics lab on the market.

✻ Cute animal faces for your funny photo morphing! ✻

Use a tiger face blender and unleash a wild beast inside you. Modify a picture of your friend – add a monkey face to his head and share it on social networks to have fun for days. Download ✻ Animal Face Photo Editor ✻, a funny face morph app and pic montage maker with cool animal face stickers and enjoy the photo manipulation for free!

✻ Cool animal face photo maker free! ✻

Get a new animal mask for your face! Make pranks with your friends and have the best photo fun in your life. This cool ✻ Animal Face Photo Editor ✻ is here for you, so don't hesitate to use it and become a pics art professional. This fun photo booth with animal head stickers! With this sticker photo editor you can blend, you can morph and transform your skin with wild animal textures and become awesome in a second!


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